Saturday, April 15, 2017

2 Days in NYC!

NYC, I love you. I had the best time in NYC these past couple of days for spring break with my mom and her friend. We got in Tuesday morning at 9am and then left on Thursday at noon. I was able to see so much and do a lot of things in that short of time. Some of my favorite things we did on the trip were biking around central park, going to the Top of the Rock, and going to the Sprinkles ATM.  I was able to go into Tiffanys and that was jaw dropping. I saw so many dimonds and amazing jewlery pieces that I wanted.We also rented the Citi bikes and biked the entire loop of central park which is 6 miles! That might have been my favorite part of the trip. I loved biking around and seeing the green park and tall buildings. When I got home from this trip I was so tried and sore I slept for 13 hours. I tracked how many steps we walked and it was about 50,000 steps in 2 days! 
When I was there I was able to see my cousin/mentor Krista. We got to talk about the blog and get some mentor hours in. She took me to her appartment and she even gave me some things that she didnt want anymore! It was a super fun trip that I enjoyed a ton. On my last post I talked about the top 5 things to do in NYC and here are some pictures from those places that I wanted to share. Hope y'all have a great Easter weekend!

~Maren Shea

Top 5 Things to Do/See in NYC

1. Bike Ride in Central Park 

This might have been my favorite thing that I did in NYC! We decided to rent the Citi bikes for a couple hours and I am so happy we did. At first, we just wanted to ride around for 30 minutes or so, but we ended up going for a and hour or two. We rode around the entire park loop which is 6 miles. It was soo fun but I have to admit I was very sore and tired after! I would definitely recommend doing this if you are in NYC. The ride was so pretty with a view of the high rises and green park. The best part was that the cherry blossoms were also in full bloom, which was gorgeous. 

2. Top of the Rock 

I am so glad that we chose to go to the top of the rock instead of the Empire State building for many reasons. First of all, the view from the Top of the Rock (observation deck) is amazing. You get a full view of central park, the empire state building, times square, and much more. We tried going to the Empire State Building but the line outside was 3 hours long and we were not about to wait in that. We decided to buy tickets for the Top of the Rock, and we were able to schedule them for a certain time increment. When we got there we were able to walk right in and get on the elevator to the top. There is a little tip if you want the best view from the top that I got from my cousin (mentor). If you go to the top, don't go to the deck outside the elevator with the glass. If you keep going around, go to the escalator and then up a set of stairs. Up there, there are not many people and you have the best views with no glass panels. This was by far the best view of the city and it was so pretty. 

3. Sprinkles ATM

This was one of the coolest things I have ever seen! I had heard about the ATM in NYC that serves cupcakes and I knew that I had to go to it. When you get to it, there is the ATM outside of the actual store. You go to the ATM and order your cupcake you want. Then on the screen it shows you your cupcake coming, and then all of a sudden the door opens and out pops your cupcake in a cute little box! The Sprinkles cupcakes are so good and the peanut butter chocolate one was the best. 

4. Times Square

Of course, Times Square is probably the most famous thing to see in NYC. It is the best place to take some pictures and explore. Going into the original Macy's was really fun and seeing the first escalator. I was able to see where the ball drops on New Years from the steps in Times Square. There are also so many shops there including a huge Sephora, Nike shop, and Urban Outfitters. Times Square is iconic and one of the main attractions in NYC that you have to go to if you are there. 

5. Bloomingdales

If you are looking to do some shopping in NYC definitely go to Bloomingdales. It is a huge department store similar to Macy's. It has a ton of big name brands of clothing, jewelry, makeup, and purses. When I got there we went straight to the makeup department and my aunt took me to get a makeover. Bloomingdales has something for everyone and their style. They have a ton of different levels for every age. 

I will have pictures from these places and the trip in the next post!

~Maren Shea

Friday, April 7, 2017

Spring Flower Top

Top // Jeans // Wedges (similar)

Happy Friday y'all! Spring is in full bloom here in NC and I am so excited. I get out for spring break today!! Yay! I might be going somewhere over spring break but I am not sure yet. If not, I am just going to stay at home and relax and be happy that I get a break from school for a week. 

White jeans are an essential spring wardrobe piece and these are so cute and affordable. They were only $30 at Target. I love them paired with this flower spring top that I got at Old Navy this past weekend. The whole outfit is so springy and colorful. I decided to make the outfit a little bit more "fancy" with wedges. You could make it more casual if you just wore it with sandals or flats. This is the perfect outfit to wear out to lunch in the spring or walking around town. 

My 20% time project presentation is due in two weeks and I have to give a ten-minute presentation on my project in front of 60 people. My goal was to post 15 times on here and this is my 13th. Over spring break I am going to have to post two more times. Hope y'all have a great weekend! 

~Maren Shea

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Top 8 Beauty Favorites

I have been using this face wash for the past 8 eight months and I can definitely tell a difference in my skin and acne. I never really had horrible acne but I did have lots of pimples on my t-zone but mostly on my forehead. Since I have been using this I have seen all those pimples go away. I will still get two or three big pimples once or twice a month but this face wash has helped! There are three steps that you use twice a day; a foam cleaner, a liquid lotion, and a clearing cream. 

I have been obsessed with eyeshadow the past couple of months. For Christmas, I asked for this morphe palette which is all glitter. I love it however, I realized that I am not going to want to wear shimmer every day. I want to get the all matte palette next. These palettes are SO pigmented and are pretty cheap too! You get 35 shades for $22, which is a great deal for high-end eyeshadow. These palettes have been all over Instagram and youtube lately. 

three //  Coconut Milk Shampoo & Conditioner

I have been using this for the past two years and I love it. It leaves my hair feeling so smooth, soft, and hydrated. Not only does the coconut milk nourish your hair, the whipped egg whites make your hair stronger. The scent also smells so good so that's a plus.

This is by far the best dupe for the beauty blender that I have found! Regular beauty blenders are $20 and this was only $7. It is orange with a lot of different angles and also super squishy and not hard like some of the fake beauty blenders are. If you don't want to pay $20 for a beauty blender I would highly recommend this.

I honestly have no clue what I would do without mascara. I hardly ever leave my house without it on. If I could choice one makeup product it would definitely be mascara! I got this mascara for Christmas and it is so good. It separates your lashes so well and doesn't leave any clumps. 

This highlighter is probably one of the best ones I have had. It is not a powder, it is a cream "stick". I use it daily and love it because it stays on all day. I usually rub it on my finger so it melts and gets a little softer and then apply it to my cheekbones. 

seven // Micellar water

I love this micellar water. It removes all of the dirt and unclogs your pores. I remember using this for the first time when I washed my face and then used it. I did not realize how much my face wash does not get all the dirt off. I used it and the whole cotton ball was brown and full of dirt! I was so surprised how much this cleanser works. My face feels hydrated and soft after I use this.

eight // Neutrogena wipes

These wipes are the best makeup remover wipes. I use them every morning when I get a little mascara on my eyelid or at night to remove all my makeup. I usually only use one wipe at night and it removes all my face and eye makeup super well. They do not irritate my skin or leave it feeling oily.

Hope y'all enjoyed these beauty favorites!

~Maren Shea

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Spring Dress & Accessories

Dress // Shoes // Watch (similar) // M Braclet  (charm) // Monogrammed Necklace // Deer Necklace (similar)  // Monogrammed Purse 
Happy Sunday y'all! I hope everyone has had a great weekend. I know that I sure have! Today I wanted to share my favorite accessories that I have been wearing a lot lately. I also am sharing a cute dress that I found at Target that's very affordable. It is the perfect spring dress because it is not too light or heavy. The sleeves are a sheer fabric so you won't get hot if it is warm outside. 

I am also showing my favorite accessories. With every outfit, there is always an accessory that you can pair with it. I usually wear either the cute M bracelet from Moon and Lola or my monogrammed necklace daily. Those two accessories match with about any outfit. They are also super easy to just throw on if you are in a hurry or feel you're outfit is a bit on the plain side. I was not able to find my exact Anne Klein watch since I got it last Christmas. However, I was able to find a very similar Anne Klein watch and linked it above. This watch matches with so many outfits because of its simple design and gold and ivory colors. The little delicate deer necklace has also been my current favorite. I can't get over how adorable and cute the deer is. I found it about a month ago on sale in Moon and Lola. I linked a similar one since this was on sale in the store. After moving to NC I found that everything was monogrammed and I was not used to that where I came from. I have adapted and now love monogrammed items! I found this monogrammed envelope purse last summer at a local boutique, so again I was not able to find the exact one online. I linked a similar one from Etsy. You can use it as a clutch or as a purse because it has straps also. 

I hope y'all have enjoyed reading this post and have a great week! 

~Maren Shea

Friday, March 3, 2017

Favorite Off the Shoulder Top

Top // Pants (similar) // Shoes // Clutch (similar)
Happy Friday! Are y'all so excited for the weekend like I am? This is one of my favorite spring looks! I am obsessed with the off the shoulder trend, and this top is the cutest one I have seen so far. It is so girly with the flower detailing and blue coloring. This outfit would be perfect for just a dinner out or a casual day look. It is perfect for spring and summer! It has been pretty warm here these past couple of weeks so I was loving being able to wear this. Now it is back in the 50's and 60's. This weather is NC is crazy and always changing. These shoes are also my current favorites and are very comfortable. I talked abut them in my Spring Wishlist post last week if you want to hear more about them. 

I have a four day weekend, so I have just been working on homework and watching Netflix! Today I also got my ears pierced, so that was really exciting. I am just waiting for spring break to come faster because I am really tired from all this school work! Do y'all have any plans for the weekend? More spring looks will be coming soon, so be sure to check back in on the blog! 

~Maren Shea 

Monday, February 27, 2017

Spring Wishlist

Shorts // Tassel Bracelet // Necklace // Earrings // Dress // Lace Up Shoes // Blue Purse 

This weekend I went on a little search for some spring pieces and decided to make a post on my spring wishlist. I have one of these items, the lace up shoes and they are adorable and pretty comfortable also! I am so excited for spring and it is already starting to feel like it here in NC. This week it has been in the 70's and 80's so it is definitely feeling like spring. I have already broke out the shorts.

These shorts would be perfect for a day shopping, hanging out at the beach, or even out to dinner. I think that you could make these super casual with a basic white tee or fancier for a dinner out with some wedges and a flowy white top. I have a couple pairs of these loose shorts and they are perfect for spring days walking around town or shopping. 

This pack of tassel bracelets are so cute and look like spring! They look beachy and so colorful. They would look really good with a white dress to add a little pop of color. 

I have been wanting a Kendra Scott necklace for a while now, and I am going to get one this spring! During your birth month you get 50% off one item. My birthday is in June and I am going to get one of these. I have been eying the gold chain with the light pink stone for a while. Instead of being $50 it will only be $25!!

These earrings are so cute! Bauble Bar recently came out with a line in Target and they are cheaper than Bauble Bar online. They have some really cute items that are colorful and would look great in the spring time. 

These chambray dresses are the new trend this spring. I love the style of this off the shoulder dress because you could wear it to the beach, traveling, or out to dinner. It is so versatile and pretty affordable. I think that it would look cute with a pair of wedges in the spring time. 

I just bought these shoes last weekend at Target and am obsessed with them! They go with so many outfits and are actually comfortable. I have a look coming this week styling them with some mint jeans and an off the shoulder top. I can't wait to wear them this spring with dresses and fancier shorts. 

This blue purse is the perfect color for spring. Pastels are the "in-colors" right now and this is the prettiest pastel color I have seen. This would look great with a white dress in the spring and the lace up shoes. 

Hope y'all have a great week! 

~Maren Shea