Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Welcome to Fashion Unexpected

Picture of me before Homecoming a few weeks ago
Homecoming dress: https: // 

Welcome to Fashion Unexpected! My name is Maren and I am a sophomore in High School. I am starting this fashion blog for a year-long English project, but also want to continue it after school is out for summer.  For this project, we had to choose a topic to study for the year. Since I have a love fashion and new trends I chose to make this blog! We also had to have a goal to complete by the end and mine is to post 15+ blog posts on Fashion Unexpected. I will be posting about current outfit obsessions around 2-3 times a month. For this project, I also had to have a mentor, and I chose my cousin Krista Robertson who is a fashion blogger in NYC. If you want to follow her blog, here is the link: She is coming to NC (where I live) for Thanksgiving and I can’t wait to learn a lot more about fashion blogging!

Here’s a little information about me. My love for fashion started when I lived in Europe for four years while my dad served in the Air Force. I have traveled around much of the world and hopefully will travel around a lot more when I get older. The trends are much more fashion forward in Europe, and it was fun to see their creative outfits. I am 16 years old and some things I enjoy are fashion (obviously), hanging with my friends, and running. I love to come up with new outfits and can't wait to share them with y’all! I hope you follow along to keep up with my new blog posts. 

~Maren Shea 

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