Saturday, April 15, 2017

Top 5 Things to Do/See in NYC

1. Bike Ride in Central Park 

This might have been my favorite thing that I did in NYC! We decided to rent the Citi bikes for a couple hours and I am so happy we did. At first, we just wanted to ride around for 30 minutes or so, but we ended up going for a and hour or two. We rode around the entire park loop which is 6 miles. It was soo fun but I have to admit I was very sore and tired after! I would definitely recommend doing this if you are in NYC. The ride was so pretty with a view of the high rises and green park. The best part was that the cherry blossoms were also in full bloom, which was gorgeous. 

2. Top of the Rock 

I am so glad that we chose to go to the top of the rock instead of the Empire State building for many reasons. First of all, the view from the Top of the Rock (observation deck) is amazing. You get a full view of central park, the empire state building, times square, and much more. We tried going to the Empire State Building but the line outside was 3 hours long and we were not about to wait in that. We decided to buy tickets for the Top of the Rock, and we were able to schedule them for a certain time increment. When we got there we were able to walk right in and get on the elevator to the top. There is a little tip if you want the best view from the top that I got from my cousin (mentor). If you go to the top, don't go to the deck outside the elevator with the glass. If you keep going around, go to the escalator and then up a set of stairs. Up there, there are not many people and you have the best views with no glass panels. This was by far the best view of the city and it was so pretty. 

3. Sprinkles ATM

This was one of the coolest things I have ever seen! I had heard about the ATM in NYC that serves cupcakes and I knew that I had to go to it. When you get to it, there is the ATM outside of the actual store. You go to the ATM and order your cupcake you want. Then on the screen it shows you your cupcake coming, and then all of a sudden the door opens and out pops your cupcake in a cute little box! The Sprinkles cupcakes are so good and the peanut butter chocolate one was the best. 

4. Times Square

Of course, Times Square is probably the most famous thing to see in NYC. It is the best place to take some pictures and explore. Going into the original Macy's was really fun and seeing the first escalator. I was able to see where the ball drops on New Years from the steps in Times Square. There are also so many shops there including a huge Sephora, Nike shop, and Urban Outfitters. Times Square is iconic and one of the main attractions in NYC that you have to go to if you are there. 

5. Bloomingdales

If you are looking to do some shopping in NYC definitely go to Bloomingdales. It is a huge department store similar to Macy's. It has a ton of big name brands of clothing, jewelry, makeup, and purses. When I got there we went straight to the makeup department and my aunt took me to get a makeover. Bloomingdales has something for everyone and their style. They have a ton of different levels for every age. 

I will have pictures from these places and the trip in the next post!

~Maren Shea

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